SecureDrawer Classic – Mapping Drawers in eFileCabinet Online to Drawers in SecureDrawer

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2016 04:17PM MDT
There are two ways to map drawers from eFileCabinet Online to drawers in SecureDrawer.   

Map a single drawer in eFileCabinet to a single drawer in SecureDrawer

To create a mapping from eFileCabinet to SecureDrawer, you must have already created the drawer in SecureDrawer.  (Click here if you need help creating a new Guest User and drawer in SecureDrawer.)

Highlight the drawer in eFileCabinet.  Click on the SecureDrawer tab at the top.  Click Login if you're not already logged in, and sign in with your SecureDrawer credentials.  Then, click the Add Mapping button at the top.  

In the window that pops up, find and highlight the drawer in SecureDrawer to which you want to map the eFileCabinet drawer, and click the Select button.

You will then see a SecureDrawer icon appear inside the drawer in eFileCabinet.  You can use that icon (which represents the mapping) to drag and drop files to SecureDrawer from eFileCabinet and from eFileCabinet to SecureDrawer.  When you drag and drop to and from the SecureDrawer mapping, it will copy (not move) the file.


Map many drawers in eFileCabinet to Drawers in SecureDrawer

You can use the Manage SecureDrawer button in the SecureDrawer tab of eFileCabinet Online to map many drawers in a cabinet to drawers in SecureDrawer.  If you don't already have drawers created in SecureDrawer, you can also use this process to create drawers (and map them).

Sign into eFileCabinet Online and click on the SecureDrawer tab.  Click Login to sign into SecureDrawer if you haven't already, and enter your SecureDrawer credentials.  (Your SecureDrawer login info may or may not be the same as your eFileCabinet Online login info.)

Before you do anything else, you will want to update the profile info for all drawers you want to map to SecureDrawer with an email address and full name. This is the information that will be used to setup login info for your Guest Users and name the drawer in SecureDrawer if it doesn't already exist. (Click here to learn more about Profiles.)

Select a cabinet on the left and then click the Manage SecureDrawer button.

The Map Drawers menu will pop up and show you a grid listing all drawers in the cabinet.  Select the profile for your drawers containing the email address and full name fields.  

(We've created a profile called Example Profile for this demonstration.)

Select the profile field containing the email address and full name.

For any drawer that don't have email addresses in their profile data, you will need to uncheck the box on the far left.  You will only want to map drawers that have email addresses.

Finally, click Create or Map Guest Users to create the mappings.

You should then be able to see any newly created drawers in SecureDrawer.  (You may have to log out and log back into SecureDrawer to see the changes.)
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